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The Disability Podcast Your Mother Warned You About!

You’re NOT Special is WeFlex’s health and fitness podcast – by people living with disability for people living with disability. Join Erika Gleeson (the smart one) and the Trout brothers Tommy and Jackson (the other two) as they talk disability, health, fitness, and all kinds of random topics.

Tommy Trout
WeFlex Founder

Founder of WeFlex, FITREC DNA Ambassador and Runner Up in a 4th July Hot Dog eating contest. Plenty of ways to describe Tommy, but he is best known for his passion for inclusion, exercise and doing things differently. Tommy has worked in the community services industry for over 16 years – following his passion and going all-in establishing WeFlex, his life’s work. Will it pay off? For the sake of this podcast, we hope so!

Erika Gleeson
Senior Behavioural Specialist

We thought we better reel in a moderator for this poddy, as Tommy and Jackson get realllllllly sidetracked. Director of Weflex, Senior Behaviour Specialist and Control Freak Erika Gleeson, brings the clinical lens to the podcast (yawwwwwn). Erika is an Internationally renowned Clinician, Senior Behavioural Specialist, Founder & CEO of Autism Swim, Author, Speaker and 2021 finalist for Australian of the Year.

Jackson Trout
WeFlex Content Creator

Tom’s younger brother, content creator and the “inspiration” for WeFlex, so to speak. There are plenty of ways to describe Jackson – intelligent, athletic, wonderful, handsome, charismatic, superior-in-everyway and humble. Through his lived experiences, Jackson is able to offer a particular insight into the world of high-functioning autism, or “Asperger’s Syndrome.”


Episode One

Join Erika, Jackson and Tommy as they discuss their new podcast,WeFlex and go completely off-topic on their first podcast attempt.

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