Why should you consider taking a full body-scan? Here’s why.

For most of my adult life, I never took my health as serious as I do today. I used to assume that I must have inherited my maternal grandfather’s longevity genes – he lived to 105 – and therefore, I too, would live to 100. I assumed, that since I had never needed to go to the hospital for anything, I must been in tip-top shape. Well, there was one incident where I needed to go for an emergency trip to the doctor due to a sudden case of testicular torsion, but that’s another story. I also assumed that since I was not cartoonishly overweight and obese – like those infamous stories of people being so morbidly obese that they couldn’t physically exit their own house – that I must be relatively healthy and thus had no reason to think seriously about my health.

However, looking back, making such an extreme comparison in my mind was not a realistic indicator of whether I was healthy or not. If anything, it was nothing more then a diversion from any serious consideration of my health. Unbeknownst to me, I desperately needed a wake-up call that would shatter my comforting obliviousness about the severity of my health situation.

In 2016, my brother and I went to get full body-scans in the city, where they would do a complete scan of our entire bodies. My brother had suggested that we should get body scans for a while and when I finally agreed, I arrogantly assumed that I would be given a clean bill of health. I was not in any pain and I wasn’t sick all the time, so how unhealthy could I actually be?

Well, that state of comfortable thinking all came crashing down when the physician – not holding back anything – informed me that I was anything BUT healthy.

Being completely frank and not sugar-coating anything (believe me, the last thing I needed was anything coated with sugar), he informed me that I was on a dangerous trajectory with my health, and that if I did not make any drastic changes, I was looking at possible and potential strokes and heart-attacks in the coming years.

To say that I was shook afterwards would be an understatement. I was completely shattered. I remember leaving there almost staggering, my mind racing like it’s never raced before. I distinctly remember the first action I did after the consultation; I remember rushing to the local IGA and buying a can of sliced beetroot – something I hadn’t eaten since I was a kid.

The results of my body-scan finally forced me to take my health seriously. The idea that I could be facing a possible stroke and heart-attack in the near future made me realise that I needed to get my act together. Improving my health was not something I could delay or put on the shelf to deal with later, no, I needed to get started with it now!

I started by taking small steps, like eliminating all sugary soft drinks out of my diet. I also began going on long-distant walks more frequently. As the years went by, I became more conscious about what I ate and what I drank. I began going to the gym more often with my brother and recently I went through a complete weight-loss challenge.

Looking back, as much as the results of the body-scan in 2016 devastated me, I shudder to think of what my life would have turned out to be if I hadn’t gotten the body-scan. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would have continued living as I did, completely uninterested in my health and taking care of myself. I would have continued drinking excessive amounts of soft drinks and eating fast food, completely oblivious that I was on a conveyer belt of death – heading blissfully unaware to an early grave.

I guess you could say that the body-scan and blunt physician saved my life. It gave me a brutal wake-up call that I didn’t know I desperately needed. That is why I think everyone should consider taking a full body-scan – sometimes all you need is for the truth to be there in your face.

By Jackson. T. Trout

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