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I’d be happy to say a big thank you to the team at WeFlex, especially to Janelle & Jaden. Anthony sees Jaden 3 times a fortnight & he looks forward to these sessions. Jaden knows how to motivate Anthony & they work brilliantly as a team!


Anthony's Mum

This program is having a very profound effect on Lenore’s fitness level, balance and coordination, not to mention mental health. She loves her sessions so much and expressed that she would give up every other funded support just to keep this going if needed! Thank you so much for bringing this to us.

Support Coordinator

for Client Lenore

I hate the attitude that some people have that because Izaak has Autism he can’t achieve fitness goals, that is bulls***. Izaak can be pushed, and he has potential… Cade sees Izaak as differently abled and that he CAN do things… Izaak comes home and talks about what he did in his sessions and the progress he is making. His confidence is building, and he really looks forward to his sessions each week.


Izaak's Mum

It was a struggle to make my daughter come with me on my daily walks and now she loves her WeFlex sessions and can’t wait for Thursdays!

Carer of WeFlex Client

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