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Reaching my goal 

What began as a humorous wager quickly evolved into a lifestyle change that improved my overall wellbeing. I had lost more weight in a single period of time, then I ever had before in my life. By November, I had lost nine whole kilos. Aside from improving my health, I was also feeling better about myself in general. I had become more accepting of my body and appearance. I had a genuine more positive outlook on myself.

One major aspect of my weight-loss program was having my brother assist me through my goal. Aside from helping me understand what metabolism and plateauing means, he also helped by being a personal trainer.

During the lockdowns, I would visit him every Sunday we could, and we would spend an hour doing a range of exercises in his apartment. We didn’t have a much space, but we improvised by doing exercises that didn’t require a lot of room or equipment, like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Week by week, we were beating our own records. Afterwards we would have lunch at the places that were still open and relax.

It was very important for me to have a PT because it meant I had someone to be accountable to. It’s easy to think someone can go and do an exercise program every week, but truth be told, it’s very easy to lose interest and find an excuse to justify not going.

Reaching my goal

A PT kept me on my toes and made me take exercise and fitness seriously, more so if I decided to go about it solo.

I had worked too hard and come so far to just let it my goal slip between my fingers just because of a slip up. I was adamant to finish what I had begun. The last few weeks of my journey was not easy. I no longer had unlimited free time due to the lockdowns ending. I found myself back at work multiple days a week and busier than ever, which stopped me from my seven-k walks every day. Plus, I was too tired after work to get on the exercise when I got home.

As a result of this, I now only had a few days to get in my exercise routine, to make sure I could finally reach the one-oh-three goal. I was in the home stretch, and I was not going to give up. Plateauing was creeping in, threatening to anchor me down and my work schedule was not kind to my fitness routine.

But I was so close. I could feel it. I trudged through the rest of October and struggled through most of November. I was consistent as I could be with my exercise, my diet and tried to resist all the temptations.

Then it happened. One day, on the glorious morning of November 21st, 2021, I stepped onto the scales and saw it. 103kgs. I had finally reached my goal and lost over ten kilos within less than three months.

Now, I just had to stay there.

The End

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