Since day one of starting WeFlex I’ve had Anytime Fitness in my sights – the perfect partnership!

It wasn’t because they are the largest and most known brand in Australia, with over 500 gyms nationally.

It wasn’t because those gyms are spread across the country and affordable.

They were my metaphorical Moby Dick because WeFlex was actually born in an Anytime Fitness Club.

My brother and I, once we realised we were on our own to navigate fitness for him, like many people with a disability, joined our local Anytime Fitness as it was close to Jack’s house and was affordable for him. The first time we walked in we met with Cade the, then, manager of the Club who welcomed us both with open arms and was incredibly kind and friendly.

He did everything he could to make Jack feel comfortable and at home – constantly checking on him and talking to him. Something we ensure is a key with our WeFlex NDIS Personal Trainers. It was a significant part of my inspiration for WeFlex, the idea that it isn’t about technical skills lacking but inter-personal connection. Just being friendly. Acceptance and inclusion.

Jack and I have only ever known Anytime Fitness Clubs to be inclusive and supportive – which is why we’ll be members for the rest of our lives. It’s also why, when I started WeFlex, I knew that AF would understand our mission. When I think about their brand, I think about all the fun we’ve had in their Clubs, the milestones we’ve reached and the support we’ve received. Jack discovered his love and passion for exercise in the purple rooms.

It’s cliché as hell to be ‘proud’ of a partnership between two businesses. But I am.

I am very proud of this partnership and could not ask for a better partner to make the leap with, in shaping fitness industry 2.0.

Together, the fitness industry is about to become Inclusive AF.

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